Considering a degree in Healthcare Administration?

Considering a degree in Healthcare Administration?

According to the US Department of Labor, healthcare will generate 3.2 million jobs between 2008 and 2018, more than any other industry, largely in response to rapid growth in the eldery population.

Becoming a Hospital Administrator

A hospital is a business. It is the hospital administrator’s job to make sure that the business aspects of the hospital are running efficiently and effectively. Read on to learn more about what it takes to become a hospital administrator. Job Duties of a Hospital Administrator The following are some of the specific job duties […]

Becoming a Hospital CFO

Hospital chief financial officers bear the primary responsibility of ensuring that the overall fiscal operations of a medical facility runs smoothly. CFO’s are multifaceted professionals. Job Description According to, CFO’s are people who can create strong business strategies, act as administrative leaders, and provide in-depth analyses of financial policies that will keep an organization […]

Becoming a Healthcare CIO (Chief Information Officer)

The last few years have seen healthcare rise to top of the debate pile. The public consciousness has shifted dramatically, shinning a spotlight on a subject that used to be an afterthought for many. News programs, magazines and dinner tables have become arenas for the topic. This rise in interest has made the role of […]

Frontline: Healthcare Documentary – Sick Around the World

Frontline on PBS has produced a fascinating healthcare documentary. Best of all, it’s free to watch online. Sick Around the World explores the healthcare systems of countries around the world, and tries to suggest new solutions for America’s costly and inefficient health care policies. This film is a MUST WATCH for students and potential healthcare […]

Exposing the Barclays LIBOR Rigging Scandal (Infographic)

Since (at least) 2005, Barclay’s has been manipulating LI(E)BOR, and their traders have been allegedly pocketing $40MM A DAY betting on interest rate derivatives. If the LIBOR, one of the most fundamental metrics of our banking system can be rigged, can you imagine what other elements of our financial system are a fraud? Embed this […]

7 Things to Consider When Applying for Healthcare MBA

During the past several years, competition for open jobs posting has been stronger than ever. With more people looking for work, job seekers need do to as much as possible to make their resumes stand out from all the others on the employer’s desk. Earning an MBA in Healthcare Management will increase an applicant’s chances […]

Health Information Management

Health information professionals help patients through caring for medical data. These working professionals make sure a patient’s health information is accurate and complete. They maintain patient records in the strictest of all confidences making sure these records remain securely protected. However, information is readily available for healthcare providers when called upon. There are three distinct […]

Top 3 Healthcare MBA Recruiters

Because of the recession, many unemployed are going back to school and getting MBAs to make themselves more competitive in the workplace. There is an emerging trend of MBA students specializing in healthcare. There are 3 major recruiters that look to hire new healthcare MBA graduates. 1) Hospital Corporation of America HCA is a behemoth […]