Top 3 Healthcare MBA Recruiters

Because of the recession, many unemployed are going back to school and getting MBAs to make themselves more competitive in the workplace. There is an emerging trend of MBA students specializing in healthcare.

There are 3 major recruiters that look to hire new healthcare MBA graduates.

1) Hospital Corporation of America
HCA is a behemoth company with 180,000 employees; they are the world’s largest private operator of health care facilities. They operate 270+ hospitals and surgery centres, and eager to hire fresh graduates to manage and streamline their businesses.

2) IMS Health
IMS is a consulting firm that provides support to biotech and drug companies all over the world. They collect information about prescription drug purchases and use this data to provide pharmaceutical companies with business intelligence and strategy.

Amgen is the world’s largest pharmaceutical company with 17,000 employees all over the world.

Recruiters also note that having previous experience in hospitals, nursing homes, and private care facilities can have tremendous weighting in getting a job offer. In particular, healthcare MBA prospects who are also registered nurses usually have great success in getting job offers.