Healthcare Administration Scholarships

Health care management degrees, like most business & MBA program, don’t come cheap.

Did you do a double take when you saw how little the school or state is offering you in financial aid for your education this year? With the government cutting down on education budgets, you might find that your MHA tuition, materials and living costs are higher than what anyone’s willing to loan you.

We’ve come up with this list of updated scholarship resources that assist MHA students like you pay for school. The following list includes scholarships from universities, private scholarships, scholarships for minorities, awards for students in their final year of Masters in Healthcare Administration programs, essay scholarships and post graduate fellowships.

Masters in Healthcare Administration Scholarships :
1. University of Phoenix – Finish Strong Scholarship -Offers 16 Full Tuition Undergraduate or Master’s Degree Scholarships to outstanding students.

2. Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship – Helps minority ACHE student associates finance their education.

3. Corris Boyd Scholars Program – Offers Full tuition scholarships to deserving minority students pursuing a MHA.

4. Foster G. McGaw Graduate Student Scholarship – Awards up to twenty $5,000 scholarships to MHA students in their final year.

5. David A. Winston Health Policy Scholarship Program – Open to first year students studying at an AUPHA member program, up to ten $5,000 dollar awards.

6. Richard J. Stull Student Essay Competition in Healthcare Management – Awards go to best essays on important issues and developments in the healthcare management field.

7. HIMSS Foundation Scholarships – Awards go to HIMSS members who exhibit academic excellence and future leadership potential in the healthcare industry. Although the 2009 – 2010 call for applications are closed, the HIMSS Foundation awards over $60,000 in awards annually so get your application ready for next year’s scholarships.

And although these aren’t exactly scholarships, here are some great post-graduate financial aid sources for those who have already earned their Masters in Healthcare Administration :
8. Stuart A. Wesbury, Jr Postgraduate Fellowship – Awards to assist graduate students of healthcare or association management.

9. Healthcare Management Research Award – $25,000 award to ACHE affiliates who are full time faculty members of healthcare administration programs.

You can find more of these valuable scholarships online by visiting university sites, national health organizations sites, your undergraduate alumni association, non profit organization sites and scholarship search engines. Also, Subscribe to our RSS Feed so you’ll know immediately when we update our site with more valuable scholarship resources that will help you pay for your Masters of Healthcare Administration degree.

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