Does Health Care Rationing Exist in the United States?

Does health care rationing exist in the United States? The Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 or otherwise known as the Obama Care calls it misinformation, maintaining explicitly in the statute that “The proposal [by the Independent Payment Advisory Board] shall not include any recommendation to ration health care…”  (NRLC.org). The Washington Post argued to […]

Increasing Demand for Healthcare Workers

Is there really a job shortage for healthcare professionals? Experts agree that there is a real shortage of healthcare workers in the United States, although there are some who believed that it is just a faulty distribution of health professionals in certain areas (Derksen & Whelan, 2009).  It begs the question, why is there a […]

Overview of Jobs & Careers in Healthcare Management

Prospective students frequently ask: what jobs and entry level careers can I get with a degree in healthcare administration? or, what are the top paying careers in management? Below are a sample of common career paths that graduates of masters and doctoral programs pursue. Browse career profiles below to learn more. Related Articles on Jobs, […]

Frontline: Healthcare Documentary – Sick Around the World

Frontline on PBS has produced a fascinating healthcare documentary. Best of all, it’s free to watch online. Sick Around the World explores the healthcare systems of countries around the world, and tries to suggest new solutions for America’s costly and inefficient health care policies. This film is a MUST WATCH for students and potential healthcare […]

Exposing the Barclays LIBOR Rigging Scandal (Infographic)

Since (at least) 2005, Barclay’s has been manipulating LI(E)BOR, and their traders have been allegedly pocketing $40MM A DAY betting on interest rate derivatives. If the LIBOR, one of the most fundamental metrics of our banking system can be rigged, can you imagine what other elements of our financial system are a fraud? Embed this […]

Health Information Management

Health information professionals help patients through caring for medical data. These working professionals make sure a patient’s health information is accurate and complete. They maintain patient records in the strictest of all confidences making sure these records remain securely protected. However, information is readily available for healthcare providers when called upon. There are three distinct […]

Obtaining a Healthcare Management Degree through Online Education

Today’s technology provides many busy people the opportunity to seek a healthcare management degree online. However, there are numerous choices out there and you need to thoroughly examine any program before you decide to enroll. There are certain aspects you need to discover such as a program’s accreditation, where graduates find employment, what the costs […]

Healthcare Management Supports Primary Caregivers

Everyone having a cursory thought about healthcare careers typically conjures up images of doctors and nurses busily setting about helping people with their medical needs. However, there exists an incredible behind-the-scenes workforce that labors tirelessly in support of any primary caregivers making sure that all aspects of health services get delivered effectively and smoothly. Many […]