When You Can’t Get to Class, Go Online

People who want higher education but who don`t live near a college or university offering courses they want used to be out of luck. No more. Now it is possible to study almost any subject online. It may require more self-discipline to pursue a degree this way. However, students at online universities can attend classes […]

Does The Job Title ‘Administration’ Make You Want To Fall Asleep?

“Ho hum” may very well be your reaction when viewing job titles that include the word “administration.” However, don’t be too quick to judge the “book cover” title. Not only is health care administration a critical necessity for successful operation, it also can offer professionals and exciting, challenging and personally rewarding career. Furthermore, there exists […]

Going Back to School for Healthcare Management

Adults out in the workforce for quite some time who are examining the possibility of obtaining formalized education and training leading to a specific career change should consider healthcare management. Often, experienced adults looking to make a career change may find that their real-world business experience has been a great preparation for becoming a student […]

Doctor Rankings – Make Sure Your Patients Are In Good Hands

As we learned in last week’s “Hospital rankings – Not All Hospitals Are Created Equal”, there are plenty of online resources available to patients seeking hospital reviews and rankings. But no matter how great the hospital, the deciding factor in anyone’s quality of healthcare will be how professional, or unprofessional, their doctor is. This also […]

Top 10 Reasons to Study Health Management Degree

Anyone considering a degree in health care management should have second thoughts. This career choice absolutely sucks for people looking to go through life with their head in the sand. There are 10 specific reasons why you should not get a health management degree because you really don’t want to be in a career choice […]

Hospital Rankings – Not All Hospitals Are Created Equal

How are Hospitals Ranked? It varies. Most of the data is collected through benchmarking surveys and patient surveys. Patients are polled on how good communication with staff was, cleanliness, staff attentiveness and more. Data is also collected periodically on mortality numbers, number of patients admitted, number of patients discharged, services available, number of doctors and […]

Accreditation for MHA Programs

What is MHA Accreditation? Accreditation is the process that guarantees the quality of a postsecondary education that students are receiving. Accreditation comes from a non-government organization which itself has been formally accredited by accreditation bodies, and therefore are often called “accredited certification bodies“. In other words, they must be accredited to give out accreditation. In […]

Overview of Top Degrees in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare is a growing field, and there is no sign that the number of career opportunities and positions in healthcare will shrink anytime soon. Most people probably think of doctors, nurses, and similar individuals when they are thinking about the different healthcare careers available. However, many healthcare careers do not require applicants to hold a […]