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Becoming a Nurse Administrator

Nursing administration is another highly chosen career path for MHA graduates. Nursing administrators are responsible for managing the nursing staff, scheduling shifts, training, managing medical records, maintaining proper inventory of supplies and ensuring the highest quality of nursing care in his or her organization. Many Masters of Health Administration graduates find that nursing administration, particularly […]

Hospital Rankings – Not All Hospitals Are Created Equal

How are Hospitals Ranked? It varies. Most of the data is collected through benchmarking surveys and patient surveys. Patients are polled on how good communication with staff was, cleanliness, staff attentiveness and more. Data is also collected periodically on mortality numbers, number of patients admitted, number of patients discharged, services available, number of doctors and […]

Aging Population Creates Employment Opportunity

There is no doubt that advancements in medical science has helped create longer human life expectancies. This has led to more people living longer but also needing a greater amount of medical care in later years. And, although this creates a great deal of opportunity for people with specialized medical skills, opportunities abound for professionals […]

Accreditation for MHA Programs

What is MHA Accreditation? Accreditation is the process that guarantees the quality of a postsecondary education that students are receiving. Accreditation comes from a non-government organization which itself has been formally accredited by accreditation bodies, and therefore are often called “accredited certification bodies“. In other words, they must be accredited to give out accreditation. In […]

The Pros and Cons of MHA Online Vs. Classroom Instruction

There’s a growing trend of programs that are moving away from traditional instruction (100% teaching takes place in the classroom) to online (distance; more than 50% teaching is done online) instruction. Is there a difference between earning your MHA degree one way or the other? You bet. Getting an Online MHA : Pros Online MHA […]

Overview of Top Degrees in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare is a growing field, and there is no sign that the number of career opportunities and positions in healthcare will shrink anytime soon. Most people probably think of doctors, nurses, and similar individuals when they are thinking about the different healthcare careers available. However, many healthcare careers do not require applicants to hold a […]

AUPHA (Association of University Programs in Healthcare Administration)

Ever heard of the AUPHA? If not, get familiar with it- because the Association of University Programs in Healthcare Administration is the only global non-profit network of colleges, institutions and esteemed healthcare professionals that pushes forward improvements in the delivery of healthcare services, healthcare management education, healthcare research and healthcare reform. AUPHA was founded in […]

Healthcare Management Monthly Review

Each day, more and more individuals decide to pursue a Masters of Healthcare Administration Degree. How do you make yourself stand out from the other MHA students? The answer: become an industry expert. Follow the top healthcare professionals’ blogs, read healthcare news and utilize free online medical tools and resources. Each month, our “MHA Monthly […]