AUPHA (Association of University Programs in Healthcare Administration)

Ever heard of the AUPHA? If not, get familiar with it- because the Association of University Programs in Healthcare Administration is the only global non-profit network of colleges, institutions and esteemed healthcare professionals that pushes forward improvements in the delivery of healthcare services, healthcare management education, healthcare research and healthcare reform.

AUPHA was founded in 1948, and the number of member programs has grown from 7 programs to over 150 healthcare education programs today. The AUPHA’s members (programs) include the top Baccalaureate and Master’s degree programs in the US and Canada, as well as healthcare facilities and hospitals. It’s individual members include educators, hospital executives, corporations and libraries who are also committed to the nonprofit’s mission.

In short, the AUPHA is a powerful organization of healthcare professionals, and can be a powerful resource and gateway into the upper echelons of the healthcare management field for you.

What are the Benefits of Being a AUPHA Member?

    Access to the Directory of Healthcare Management Education, a highly sought after whitepaper on the top baccalaureate, masters, doctoral and executive programs, as well as detailed faculty, curriculum and tuition information.
    Access to the Journal of Health Administration Education, a peer reviewed journal which chronicles advancements, case studies, research and essays by the top healthcare management educators, professors and executives. It covers key healthcare policy issues of each quarter and is considered the most authoritative guide on the latest healthcare developments.
    The most important benefit of being in the AUPHA is the networking. Not always, but more often than not, it’s about who you know. Individual members have access to Faculty Network discussions, special events and conferences- all of which offer valuable opportunities to network with esteemed healthcare executives and professionals.

For more information on these two giants of the healthcare industry, check out the CAHME website here, and the AUPHA website here.