Healthcare Management Monthly Review

Each day, more and more individuals decide to pursue a Masters of Healthcare Administration Degree. How do you make yourself stand out from the other MHA students?

The answer: become an industry expert. Follow the top healthcare professionals’ blogs, read healthcare news and utilize free online medical tools and resources.

Each month, our “MHA Monthly Mashup” will reveal the top healthcare blogs, news, resources, online tools and Healthcare professionals to follow on Twitter. Learn to Walk, Talk and Act like a Healthcare expert from the experts themselves! If you’re into social media, consider this is our version of #FollowFridays. Enjoy!

January 2010 – MHA Monthly Mashup

  1. Health Business Blog – David E. Williams, co-founder of MedPharma Partners LLC, delivers a unique look at healthcare from a business perspective. Expect exclusive interviews with prominent healthcare CEOs and insight into the trending healthcare issues.
  2. The Healthcare IT Guy – A unique blog on Healthcare IT from Shadid N. Shah, CEO of Netspective with an impressive background in healthcare information technology and consulting.
  3. Health Beat Blog – A Healthcare Policy blog run by Maggie Mahar, a renowned healthcare journalist who takes critical looks at the nation’s healthcare spending, policies and reform.
  4. WSJ Health Blog – The authoritative Wall Street Journal’s blog on health and the business aspect of the health industry.
  5. US Hospitals Twitter List – A Master list of US Hospital Twitter Accounts. Read about what hospitals are doing in real-time.
  6. Pharm/Healthcare Leaders Twitter List – A Master List of prominent healthcare 2.0 leaders. Learn how to talk, walk and act like a hospital CEO by stalking a real one! (Virtually, of course)
  7. 2123MelissaP on Twitter – A healthcare veteran of 22 years and (what do you know) a Masters of Healthcare Administration Student!
  8. Mayo Clinic Diseases and Conditions Index – Mayo Clinic provides more than health tips and articles. This free comprehensive guide lists hundreds of common diseases and conditions that every Masters of Healthcare Administration student should be familiar with.
  9. HealthReform.Gov – This site covers in detail President Barack Obama’s plan for healthcare reform in 2010. You can even see the current status of healthcare reform in individual states.
  10. Medicine Plus Tutorials – This site gives you interactive slide tutorials for health education. Step by step graphics explain medical conditions and procedures – great for MHA students’ independent learning.