Becoming an Administrative Medical Assistant

Administrative Medical Assistants, also known as Medical Secretaries, provide routine clerical and administrative support in health care institutions. Their primary responsibility is to greet patients and help them with the initial intake paperwork. They file and maintain medical records, respond phone calls, schedule appointments, coordinate between patients and doctors, support other staff members among other works.

In some cases, Administrative Medical Assistants may also assist doctors and work with patients. Their duties include taking vital signs, helping in various lab tests, sterilizing tools, prepping supplies, getting patients ready for X-rays and other treatment-related tasks.

In addition, Administrative Medical Assistants act as a liaison between the patients and the insurance agencies. They help the patients to claim for reimbursement from insurance agencies.

Administrative Medical Assistants are employed in government and private hospitals, clinics etc. These professionals possess a wide range of knowledge in medical terminology, information technology, qualities such as communication and interpersonal skills, being reliable, ability to work with friendly approach towards patients and their family members etc.

Education Requirements:

To become an Administrative Medical Assistant, the aspiring candidates need to hold a high school diploma. In many cases, they are trained on the job while newly appointed. However, Vocational schools and community colleges offer 2-year associate degree programs in medical assistant.

The course work includes medical terminology, healthcare law and ethics and medical office procedures etc. besides, the students learn administrative tasks, such as typing and record keeping.

Though certification is not required to practice as an Administrative Medical Assistant, the aspiring candidates can acquire it by one of many professional associations, including the American Association of Medical Assistants.

Salary & Job Outlook:

Job outlook for an Administrative Medical Assistant remains excellent across the USA. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the growth rate for job opportunities in this profession may rise to 29% during 2012-2022. The annual average salary of an Administrative Medical Assistant was $30,780 in May 2013.