What Courses are Needed for A Master’s Degree in Health Information Management?

Health Information Management (HIM) programs incorporate the disciplines of medicine, management, finance, information technology, and law into one curriculum. Because of this unique mixture, HIM graduates can choose from a variety of work settings across an array of healthcare environments.

Data Management Techniques Learned
In a master’s program in health information management, you will learn the techniques used to manage the data used in the health care industry. This primarily includes patient records, which must be kept both secure and accessible. Your coursework will include training in a variety of record-keeping systems, with an emphasis on computer-based tools and software. Other topics you may study include legal issues in health care, medical terminology and health coding.

Can I Earn This Degree Online?
Master’s degree programs in health information management programs are available for online study. These programs offer you more flexibility and the convenience of studying from home. You will take the same courses as your peers in campus-based programs in order to complete your degree. You will utilize an online educational platform, such as Blackboard or Moodle, which will provide a single location for downloaded lectures, discussion groups and opportunities to correspond with faculty through email. A computer with high-speed Internet access is required.

Are There Any Prerequisites?
You will need to earn a bachelor’s degree prior to entering your master’s program in health information management. While your undergraduate degree may come from any field, you will be required to have completed relevant coursework, including human anatomy and physiology and basic computer programming. Many programs will ask you to submit a demonstration of your interest in the field. This may be a written statement, reference letters, a curriculum vitae or a combination of all three. Some programs require the submission of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores.

What Makes a Health Information Management Career a Good Choice?
A Health Information management professional is highly trained keeping current with the latest technology applications, policies and procedures affecting healthcare provider workflow. Careers are available in small medical practices all the way through to large hospital systems with many locations. Health information management professionals perform vitally essential operations needed to be executed in the daily healthcare provider environment. A career in this exciting, sought-after profession may just fit the bill if:

• Individual can view participation in an extremely diverse career with extensive opportunities
• Like healthcare working environment without patient contact
• Comfortable with areas such as science, law, management as well as computer technology
• Enjoy a thoroughly professional landscape working with nurses, physicians, administrators, lawyers and healthcare executives
• Looking for a career presenting many non-supervised settings or possibly becoming a team leader

Once set upon the course leading to a master’s degree in health information, you will expect a lot of hard work but the personal and financial rewards are many.