Considering a degree in Healthcare Administration?

Considering a degree in Healthcare Administration?

According to the US Department of Labor, healthcare will generate 3.2 million jobs between 2008 and 2018, more than any other industry, largely in response to rapid growth in the eldery population.

Where Can I Work With a Degree in Healthcare Administration?

People obtaining a Master’s degree in Health Administration (MHA) will find that older hard effort may put them at both an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Getting this degree can be quite a blessing because it will allow you to discover a variety of different management-oriented careers within the health care industry. However, there […]

What are the Responsibilities for Healthcare Administrators?

A healthcare administrator is responsible for the facility business management and whatever operation they are running such as a hospital or nursing home. Also, a healthcare manager may be a department head possibly responsible for the hiring and supervising of staff. A healthcare manager also will be responsible for controlling finances, supply ordering, personnel oversight […]

Is FAFSA for Me?

It is if you plan to apply for any federal assistance when it comes to funding your MHA course of study. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a must for almost anyone seeking financial assistance to attend college. A majority of colleges and universities as well as scholarship programs throughout the land depend […]

Becoming a Medical and Health Services Manager

One of the occupations available for students who hold a Masters of Healthcare Administration is a Medical and Health Services Manager. Medical and Health Services Managers Medical and Health Services Managers, also called Healthcare Executives or Healthcare Administrators, are the ones who plan, coordinate and supervise how healthcare is delivered. The title is pretty self-explanatory […]

Stop Making Excuses About Getting Ahead in Your Career

Doesn’t there always seem to be something getting in your way when working toward that master’s degree you hoped to get so many years ago? You’re in good company, because most adults seeking to continue pursuing an advanced degree find one personal situation or another has jumped in front of them creating a formidable obstacle […]

Is An Online Education Considered Second-Best When Seeking a MHA Degree?

Advances in Internet technology have long ago reduced to skepticism many employers used to have when it came to hiring people who have received online graduate degrees. Today, many top-flight and prestigious educational institutions offer you the complete online degree programs or online course study taken in conjunction with traditional brick-and-mortar education. The only requirement […]

Kick Your Career Into High Gear with an MHA Degree

There was once a point in time when having a high school education led an individual to successful employment. This doesn’t happen anymore. Although you might obtain a job with a high school education, notably get ahead in life you’ll need additional education to prepare you for increased responsibility which, in turn, will gain greater […]

So, You Want to be in Charge, Huh?

After working in healthcare in the ranks for some time now, you realize that you’ve reached your maximum level for both personal satisfaction and financial reward unless you take that next step into upper-level management. However, a accomplishing this will require you to gain more education. That next step into upper-level management will require you […]