Becoming an Orientation & Mobility Specialist

The Orientation & Mobility Specialist basically works with the people suffering from blindness or low vision. They help individuals with visual impairments to travel safely with full confidence. They work with both children and adults. Their work areas include home, schools, hospitals or community centers. From helping the students in college to adults in crossing the roads, Orientation & Mobility Specialist do everything possible to train and guide them.

This profession has various job categories:

Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Certified Low Vision Therapist
Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Therapist
Rehabilitation Teacher

Since the work remains very challenging, the Orientation & Mobility Specialists need to be flexible and fit enough to work in odd hours. The job is definitely not limited to classrooms or desks. It requires a lot of efforts outside.

Education Requirements: The aspiring Orientation & Mobility Specialists must go for a four-year bachelor’s degree program. The coursework may include physics, chemistry, biology and other subjects such as geriatrics, humanities and language proficiency. A Master’s Degree is advisable, but not mandatory.

Internship after the degree, may provide hands-on experience to the Orientation & Mobility Specialists. The Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP) offers certification for vision rehabilitation professionals, including Orientation & Mobility (O&M) Specialists.

Salary & Job Outlook: The job outlook for this profession remains bright, as Orientation & Mobility Specialists remain high in demand. They usually earn between $49,454 and $61,101 in a year.