MHA Degree

Keys to a Successful First Year as an MHA Student

Going back to school after working in the professional industry is going to take commitment, time and strong will. The majority of students who go into Masters of Health Administration programs are working professionals that are looking for leverage to advance in their careers. That means it could have been two, three or even ten […]

A MHA Degree Signifies the Graduate as a Leader

Lookup the definition of a leader in the dictionary. Go ahead. We will wait. A leader is someone who has the ability to enlist the help of others accomplishing a common task. So, individuals who pursue and accomplish the educational process receiving an advanced degree such as MHA will be viewed as leaders. Furthermore, part […]

Why Should You Pursue a Healthcare Administration Degree?

It’s no secret that earning any Masters degree means years of work, sweat, tears, stress and money. MHA schools can be costly. MHA degrees take 3-4 years to earn. MHA degree holders need to work their way up from lower level management jobs to reach the coveted executive positions. MHA holders need to be prepared […]

CAHME (Commission on Accreditation of Health Management Education)

Before you begin your Masters in Healthcare Administration Education, there are two names you need to familiarize yourself with. CAHME, for choosing a quality Masters Program, and AUPHA, for networking during your MHA schooling. CAHME There’s no doubt that in your search for the right health care administration program, you came across the word CAHME, […]

Get Yourself a Computer, Look to the Internet, and Get that MHA Online

The technology is here today that provides the opportunity for busy professionals who do want to get ahead to study for a Masters level degree through many Internet sources. The Masters of Health Administration is open to students have completed their baccalaureate education. Typically, students continue with the best education concentrating on the practices, knowledge, […]

Is An Online Education Considered Second-Best When Seeking a MHA Degree?

Advances in Internet technology have long ago reduced to skepticism many employers used to have when it came to hiring people who have received online graduate degrees. Today, many top-flight and prestigious educational institutions offer you the complete online degree programs or online course study taken in conjunction with traditional brick-and-mortar education. The only requirement […]

15 Productivity Tools for MHA Students

After you’ve been admitted to your MHA program, you’re going to need to do a little “Back to School” shopping. Sure, you’ve got the brains and ambition- but nowadays, every good student also has powerful productivity tools to help him or her manage his time wisely. Here are 15 great Web Tools for student success- […]

Our Guide to MHA Job Basics

The good news is that prospects for careers in health administration continue to grow rapidly in this decade. These are great paying jobs for people with the right employment background and proper credentials acquired through advanced study. The vast majority of middle to top level executive management positions requires having a master’s degree. There are […]