Becoming an Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists assist people with disabilities, injuries and illness recover and perform day-to-day activities without any hitch. They get associated with wide range of people from school children to elderly ones. Their main goal is to improve the living standards and lifestyle of people and motivate them to live longer with peace and happiness.

The Occupational Therapists are generally trained in all types of activities such as dressing, cooking, eating, driving etc and help their clients in those work. They get employment at hospitals, nursing care facilities, home health care services and the private clinics.

Education Requirements:

  1. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree: A four-year bachelor’s degree program is must for the aspiring Occupational Therapists. The coursework may include Kinesiology, psychology, anthropology, biology and sociology during the period. Classroom experience is also part of the bachelor’s degree program.
  2. Get a Master’s Degree: The students can choose a Master’s Degree program in relevant topics, as that might help them boost their profile and improve job outlook.
  3. Certification/Licensure: As many states require Occupational Therapists with certification and license, it is mandatory to get these from relevant authorities/institutions. A minimum of 24 weeks of clinical fieldwork is required to get qualified for the certification program.

Salary & Job Outlook: The job outlook for Occupational Therapists remains excellent. The average annual salary of Occupational Therapists was $54,660.