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Healthcare MBA Rankings – Selecting the Right School

The Healthcare MBA is a specialization within the MBA program, designed for students that want to apply a primary field of study to a particular sector of the healthcare industry, such as finance, marketing or IT. When researching MBA schools and programs, there are some important factors to consider: Program Rankings A.S. in Healthcare Administration […]

Top Reasons to Pursue an MBA in Health Care

The Healthcare MBA is a widely sought after graduate degree, designed for working professionals who want to expand their knowledge of healthcare management. The program is both demanding and time intensive – yet there are more working professionals racing back to earn their MBA’s than ever before. Why? MBA Graduates Will Always Hold the Competitive […]

Becoming a Medical Office Manager

Medical office managers are responsible for running medical offices from a managerial point of view. Like any manager, this individual ensures that the office runs well and efficiently. It is important to ensure that the office is saving money and keeping costs low. Job Description Depending on the size and type of the practice, the […]

Becoming a Nursing Home Director

So you want to become a nursing home director. And it’s no wonder, considering CNN Money Magazine has ranked the job among the best 100 in the nation. But how do you go about becoming a nursing home director, and what can you expect once you’ve landed the job? Job Description The nursing home director’s […]

7 Reasons to Pursue a Healthcare MBA

Why are working professionals racing back to school to earn their Healthcare MBAs? High Job Outlook – CBS named the Healthcare MBA the “one fast track in a slow economy”, as healthcare companies are struggling to find enough MBAs to fill open positions in the $2.26 trillion industry. As healthcare firms struggle under the enormous […]

Healthcare Management Salary: How Much Will I Earn with an MHA?

Still debating whether or not a Masters of Healthcare Administration degree is worth the investment? Consider this. In a highly competitive job market, a master’s degree will help you stand out from the competition. It will prove that you have the skills, dedication and acumen it takes to command the senior level executive positions that […]

Overview of Jobs & Careers in Healthcare Management

Prospective students frequently ask: what jobs and entry level careers can I get with a degree in healthcare administration? or, what are the top paying careers in management? Below are a sample of common career paths that graduates of masters and doctoral programs pursue. Browse career profiles below to learn more. Related Articles on Jobs, […]