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ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate Getting Close

There are 16 provisions of the ObamaCare that are slated to take effect on January 1, 2014 (, 2013). Only 15, however will get implemented as President Obama postponed the implementation of the Employer Requirements until 2015.  The employer requirement is just one of the major provisions of the health care law.  Other 2014 major […]

Obamacare Backfires: Employer Mandate Postponed to 2015

Last year Obamacare cleared a big hurdle when the Supreme Court ruled that a healthcare “tax” is constitutional. However, the Affordable Care Act has run into quicksand after the Obama Administration postponed the employer mandate to 2015. Employers who don’t provide health insurance will be spared penalties of up to $3,000 per worker until 2015, […]

Automating Medical Records in the 21st Century

The first ever paper medical record was the brainchild of none other than Hippocrates in the fifth century B.C.  Accordingly, a medical record must achieved two goals: one, the medical record must be precise and accurate to indicate the progression of the disease process; and two, the medical record must reflect the symptoms, the probable […]

Total Quality Management (TQM) in Healthcare

Total Quality Management (TQM) Total Quality Management (TQM) may have been the first quality oriented philosophy to transition into healthcare.   TQM is based on three principles: continuous quality improvement (CQI), customer focus, and teamwork.  To date, limited research attention has been given to challenges involved in adopting such practices to healthcare.  Despite the enthusiasm raised […]

Shortage of Nurse Aides, Home Health Aides, and Personal-and-Home-Care Aides Projected

Nurse aides, home health aides, and personal-and-home-care aides are classified as direct care workers. Direct-care workers are paraprofessionals who are trained to assist the elderly and the disabled with assisted daily living (ADL) such as grooming, bathing, and eating.  They are the backbone of the long-term delivery care system (Weiner, Anderson, Khatustsky, & Squillace, 2009). […]