A Surefire Way to Get Promoted to Healthcare Executive

Have you been in the healthcare industry as a nurse, practitioner, administrative assistant or IT professional for awhile now and feel like it’s time to move up to the next level? Are you unsure as to how to approach your boss about a promotion? Are your peers fighting for the same position as you are?

You can get ahead of your co-workers, and make yourself the best candidate for the promotion, by working during the day, and taking classes to earn your Masters of Healthcare Administration at night.

Online Classes Catered To Meet Working Professionals’ Needs

Earning a Masters of Healthcare Administration online couldn’t be easier. Since the majority of students entering a healthcare administration degree program are already working professionals, most programs offer online classes at unusual, off-hours to accommodate professionals and parents. Most of the classes are also recorded, so students don’t need to worry about missing a class due to a last minute emergency or meeting at work.

And finally, online MHA learning resources are more affordable than classroom instruction programs. An education built on e-books, online articles and digital encyclopedias cost a fraction of ordinary textbooks. This makes up for the cost of tuition (which there plenty of scholarships available for as well).

Acquire the Leadership, Medical and IT Knowledge to Run Any Hospital

A Masters of Healthcare Administration from an accredited program signifies that you’ve completed a rigorous education in leadership, medicine, healthcare IT, management, analysis and communication and are now capable of managing an entire hospital or healthcare organization. An MHA requires 3 years of devoted study, online courses and some on-site training, which demonstrate your passion and high level of commitment to your career.

Each healthcare administration program covers healthcare industry issues, private and public health policy, hospital finance, strategic management, information systems and government healthcare regulations in depth. No healthcare executive has ever risen to the top without being educated in all these areas, as all of these fields are a part of the daily life of a hospital CEO or administrator.

Get The Position and Pay You’ve Always Dreamed Of

With an MHA in hand, you will be the forefront candidate for any position in your department or organization. And, of course, you’ll be duly rewarded with an appropriate salary. Hospital CEOs, for example, earn anywhere from $60,000 to $150,000 with less than a single year of experience. With experience of 20 years or more, some hospital CEOs today make anywhere from $115,000 to $245,000 dollars! Of course, there are also department level executive positions, such as nurse administrators, who oversee the nursing staff and patients. Nurse administrators make anywhere in between $70,000 to $100,000 a year.

The earlier you begin your MHA education, the earlier you’ll have your MHA in hand. The healthcare executives of today started preparing by earning their degrees and undergoing extensive training years and years ago. In order for you to become the healthcare executive of tomorrow, you’ll need to get started today.