What is the AHIMA?

Any professional looking to seek the inside information about the health care information management sector of the industry should turn to the many AHIMA (The American Health Information Management Association). Membership grants access to a complete and constantly updated database of expert information about crucial topics such as security, privacy, electronic record keeping, coding, reimbursement techniques and compliance data. Additionally, the association provides useful instruction on just how to put this information into play professionally. This is the only not-for-profit professional membership association that is strictly dedicated to the field of healthcare information management. There are many levels of membership that can help you make the most of your association benefits.

Levels of Membership
There are several options open for membership in the AHIMA including:

• ACTIVE – This membership level entitles participants to complete voting rights when agreeing to follow the associations stated Code of Ethics. Active members enjoy full benefits.
• STUDENT – A student member is one who has not had previous AHIMA credentials and has not been an ACTIVE member before. All people enrolled as students who satisfy these conditions can qualify for the association’s discounted fee. Students must currently be enrolled in an approved AHIMA or CAHIIM, The Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education. Check to make sure you are enrolled in an approved program.
• NEW GRADUATE – This membership is open to STUDENT members only upon graduating from an accredited AHIMA master’s program. This allows for enrollment in the association at a one-year only reduced fee.
• SENIOR – Membership at this level is open to current AAHIMA participants who are 85 years of age or older.

No Corporate Membership Level

AHIMA does not offer a corporate or should worry other type of group enrollment option. However, there is a very active corporate affiliation program that is designed for vendors and other institutions that wish to receive information about any of the association’s activities as well as seeking to gain visibility with the membership. Program information is available.

Anyone wishing to join the association that resides outside the US should select the Active membership.

Benefit Info Available
A summary of benefits sheet is available as to encourage employers to support their employee’s membership in AHIMA. Professionals interested joining the association can make application online.

Associations Credentials
The association has nearly 53,000 members in its four membership classifications. Members also belong to a relevant state chapter. The association offers seven credentials for its professional members in the areas of HIM, coding, data analysis and privacy. Two of these credentials require participants having formal education; others are acquired through a combination of testing and work experience. AHIMA requires all members obtain regular continuing education to credits. The Journal published by the association has a circulation matching membership numbers containing peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed articles.

Most association members are female.