What are the Responsibilities for Healthcare Administrators?

A healthcare administrator is responsible for the facility business management and whatever operation they are running such as a hospital or nursing home. Also, a healthcare manager may be a department head possibly responsible for the hiring and supervising of staff. A healthcare manager also will be responsible for controlling finances, supply ordering, personnel oversight and training as well as many other numerous tasks that need to be completed for successful operations. Most people prepare for this type of responsibility by obtaining a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration.

What Courses Must I Take?
People contemplating enrolling in a Masters level course of study leading to an MHA degree may be curious about the type of courses they will be required to take in order to graduate. Programs will vary from school to school based on the focus of your study, for example, if looking to concentrate on Information Technology (IT) Management. There are some core courses of study that will more than likely be included in the curriculum including:
• Facility organization and management
• Budgeting and accounting
• Strategic planning
• Legal issues
• Economics
• Marketing
• Epidemiology
• Human resources
• Information systems

How Much Do These Professionals Earn?
The latest figures released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that the median annual pay for health services administrators was $80,240 as of May 2008. Earners in the middle 50 percent were paid from $62,170-$104,120. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $48,300. The highest 10 percent were paid more than $137,800.

Education is Necessary
although taming and bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration will prepare individuals for an entry-level position, professionals seeking a greater amount of opportunity with much higher salaries will need to obtain a Masters degree in Healthcare Administration (MHA).

How to Choose a Program
Qualified candidates seeking to find a program of study leading to a Masters in Healthcare Administration need to make an honest self-assessment about what they’re looking for in a program. Both traditional programs available at reputable universities and conveniently access sources for study on the Internet should be examined based on how they fit a potential student’s personal needs. Although the traditional method of study through attending classes and being involved in a group approach toward attaining a degree may be desirable, the option for studying in the convenience and comfort of one’s own home through online study might be a better choice, especially if you’re working professional and most possibly raising a family. A traditional approach to study might require enrolling in a two-year program. However, studying online may not have any time constraints placed upon it.

Conduct a Search Online
Choosing either way to pursue advanced degree weather traditional or online can begin with an Internet search looking to find the best possible program to suit your personal needs. Through an Internet search you can find programs suitable to your needs as well as discovering the necessary requirements for each one of these programs. They will vary from school to school. Also, online searches of accredited programs can also lead you to finding financial assistance. Use of the Internet today conducting a school search is much easier and convenient than either writing to, or calling, area schools throughout the country asking them to send you printed material.