Qualify for a Grant? Get a MHA Degree

Does the prospect of spending a small fortune obtaining an MHA degree stand as that last obstacle in your way? Do you believe that not only the high cost of education with actual living costs are going to be too much for you to afford so you’ll never pursue additional education to further your career? Before you give in to such despair, conduct a little homework researching the availability to use grants to obtain your Masters in Health Administration. Unlike student loans, grants never need to be repaid.

The Difference Between Grants and Scholarships
Grants will differ from scholarships in one particular aspect – scholarships usually require a set of certain standards that students must meet and maintain in order to have monies paid. Grants usually do not. Yes, there will be qualifying requirements for grants, but these are not typically tied to grade maintenance or other requirements that students typically must meet to maintain scholarship standing. Additionally, students seeking grants for master’s level education may find them easier to obtain than those provided to undergraduates. Since there is a demand for individuals with advanced education in the healthcare industry, incentives such as grants provided by the government, or endowments and corporate sponsors are more prevalent.

The Grant Application Process
Students setting out on the last applying for a grant to pursue a Masters in Health Administration must realize the process is the same as it is for undergraduate students. Grant giving sources rely upon the universal application process available through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Be aware though, many of the sources for funding education through FAFSA are in the forms of loans, so when searching for grants do not limit yourself to just this one area. There are number of different professional organizations within the healthcare industry that offer financial assistance to people seeking an MHA degree. One example is the Association of University Programs in Health Administration or the Foundation of Research and Education of the American Health Management Association. Funds through these programs are usually determined by merit as well as on the basis of need.

Check Out Financial Aid from the Institution
Many of the institutions that you will examine determining which one will best suit your personal needs may offer financial aid and/or direct you to sources that provide grant money to students enrolling in that particular institution. Often, alumni set up grant or scholarship programs as a way to support their alma mater. Additionally, schools may have ties to health care organizations and facilities who grant money for study in the hopes toward recruiting qualified graduates.

Non-Healthcare Sources
There are number of sources that are not specifically designed to help seek healthcare education that should not be overlooked. If you are a veteran, or the son or daughter of a veteran, there may be sources open to you. Also, if you are the member of a fraternal organization, a specific religion, or your parents are, these may provide sources for grant money to further your education. Additionally, there are resources for disabled people, different ethnic groups, and even for descendants of soldiers who fought in the American Civil War.

Do Not Overlook Online Study
Pursuing a master’s degree online may provide you with an additional amount of cost-saving. The very nature of participating to Internet-based course study allows institutions to greatly reduce the costs for presenting these programs, also offering specific financial aid for online study. There are many benefits from studying online including the ability to maintain a full-time job, attend to the needs of the family, while studying at a personal pace that suits you more comfortably than traditional school.

It may take you some time and effort to find the proper funding for your Masters in Health Administration degree, but in the long run all your efforts may be well worth it. Earning an MHA degree will open up many doors to advanced employment providing you with greater personal and financial reward. Take the time to find a grant to fund your education that will provide you with a great experience without leaving you with debt.