Is An Online Education Considered Second-Best When Seeking a MHA Degree?

Advances in Internet technology have long ago reduced to skepticism many employers used to have when it came to hiring people who have received online graduate degrees. Today, many top-flight and prestigious educational institutions offer you the complete online degree programs or online course study taken in conjunction with traditional brick-and-mortar education. The only requirement employers actually look at today is if the degree was granted by an accredited institution like traditional greens are granted. Furthermore, many employers not only encourage but offer employees assistance to pursue an online course of study while maintaining full-time employment.

A Busy Health Professional
Online master degree programs such as one leading to a Masters in Health Administration have become very popular and very much in demand by working professionals who cannot find the time to pursue a traditional method of study. Therefore, almost all the prestigious colleges and universities that once snubbed the idea of offering a graduate program online are now jumping on the ship hoping to capitalize on the public’s need for study at home type of education.

Several Points to be Made
Students who have graduated from a recognizable and accredited master’s program to online study can always point out to potential employers the following aspects of their education:

Online study produces a great deal of technological-based skills
• Through participating in an online course of study, students develop a great deal of self-discipline, self-management along with productive time management techniques that can be carried over into the work environment
• Through participation in virtual education settings, participants learn effective in new means for communicating through networking and cyber interactivity
• Online pursuit of education helps participants develop speaking, debating and networking skills that can be put to good use in the work environment
Furthermore, graduates from an Internet-based course of study can point out to potential employers that they need to be aware of the reputation and online degree possesses because:
• The school is fully accredited
• information about the school can be provided through reputable online databases such as Peterson’s in the U.S. News & World Report
• Providing a sample of two assignments completed through online study
• Making sure the potential employers aware of all studies that prove an online course of education is just as valuable as a traditional one

So, What Should I Consider Selecting an Online Program?
Considerations when selecting an online program are similar to those when looking to choose a traditional one. Here are some things to take into consideration before making your choice:

Check for Residency Requirements
Many online sources for obtaining a Masters Degree in Health Administration offer these in conjunction with traditional classes or at least with the need to meet face-to-face with the institution’s faculty and staff at periodic intervals. Therefore, you may need to consider some form of long-distance learning associated with a local college or university.

Is there involved with your pursuit of online study a component of interactivity that allows you contact with faculty and other students? Are there opportunities to use the modern Internet technology for two-way conferencing as well as webinars where individual participants get the opportunity to discuss the topic at hand?

Learning fFormats
Is there a specific software platform through which the graduate program is presented to students such as WebCT? Does the course management software allow for video as well as audio while employing the use of webcams? Is that communication synchronized, which means can both students and instructors interact in real-time through the web cam, through chat or some other technology?


Make sure that the number of examinations and the schedule for each is clearly delivered prior to the beginning of every course. Understand that if exams are taken when the student feels prepared, that any deadlines for participating in exams are clearly defined so these can be met with expediency. If exams are to be administered in person, make sure scheduled places and times are communicated properly. Also, examine to make sure that the content for the exams is published. What are the consequences in the event that any exam is failed? Check to see the type and amount of guidance students are given an example preparation. Always check to see if a thesis is required. If so, check to see if a thesis advisor is assigned and to what capacity they will be of assistance to the student in preparation for this exam.

Make sure to always receive a list of faculty, their qualifications, publications, awards and other credentials especially any real-world activity that would make them more credible as instructors for you to gain the necessary information and experience you need to pursue a top level management career in health administration.

The Institution

Obviously, make sure that the institution is accredited as a fine reputation for turning out will prepare graduates. Check to see if the school offers postgraduate internship programs at affiliated institutions in the event that you are not pursuing your degree as motivation from your present employer.