Stop Making Excuses About Getting Ahead in Your Career

Doesn’t there always seem to be something getting in your way when working toward that master’s degree you hoped to get so many years ago? You’re in good company, because most adults seeking to continue pursuing an advanced degree find one personal situation or another has jumped in front of them creating a formidable obstacle that has to be the first prerequisite to gaining that advanced education. However, the rising advances in Internet technology are helping to remove the personal obstacles that people allow to block their journey toward additional education. Here are some of the typical obstacles that keep people from advancing.

I’ve Got To Take Care of the Kids
No doubt about it that parenting is on the most time-consuming, life changing, thankless and endlessly selfless jobs on the face of the planet. However, didn’t stop Tina, a full-time RN from somehow squeezing in the time here and there between job and family considerations to study online to obtain her MHA degree. However, just typical day kicked off around 7 AM can do ending past midnight. The time that Tina could devote toward study varied every day. However, the flexibility for studying online allowed her the opportunity to apply the stolen moments toward furthering her education and eventually obtaining a job she had so wanted with all the accompanying rewards such as the admiration of her friends as well as the increase in pay. Tina says that although the whole process was a little overwhelming, she never would have accomplished this if she had to go to a traditional school. She also added that her studying online was indeed a team effort, including a lot of sacrifices on the part of her family to help her find the time to make her dream come true.

I’m Always Working

Who can afford to tack on an extra 10 hours a week to pursue a master’s degree while working at hectic schedule? Even working professionals who put in a 9 to 5 Monday through Friday schedule can hardly face the aspect of pursuing a course of study after hours. The thought about coming home and sitting down in front of a computer screen is as appealing to some as having root canal. It’s almost a struggle just to get home and get something to eat, let alone have to put in a couple hours starting. However, Dan, a radiologist at the local hospital who has worked for years to finally come up with weekends off schedule found that he could devote some of this time for pursuing an advanced degree online. Many institutions offering a Masters in Health Administration online realize that there are many 9-to-5 working professionals who can use their weekend hours to their greater advantage. Dan even found once he started an online course of study motivation arrives compelling him to you sometime during the week to further enhances education. Dan also discovered that an online course of study provides flexibility that will allow him to take a break whenever it is needed. Also, Dan said he has disciplined himself to go online everyday now – even if for but 10 minutes. So, what started out as a weekend endeavour has accelerated into a passion that can be plied whenever time and psyche allow.

Where Will I Get the Money?

People who think time is a considerable obstacle sometimes also come to the belief that returning to school comes down to the money factor. Sure, there is a small investment obtaining additional education in the short run but there is a guaranteed pay off at the end of your study. Your short-term financial investment will pay off big time because students earning a master’s level degree wind up earning more than $1.3 million more than people with but a high school diploma. Furthermore, many people gaining that certain age can find themselves easily replaced by a younger earning-less worker fulfilling the same job requirements. Why not translate experience and more education into better employment opportunities accompanied with security and financial reward? Plus, before stressing out about how you can pay for a Master’s Degree in Health Administration, check out any opportunities available for online education scholarships, student loans or employer-sponsored tuition reimbursement programs. Tim, who worked in operations management, was struggling trying to make ends meet with a large family and the need to further his education until his department head told him about the company’s tuition reimbursement program. Tim learned he could get not 70, not 80, but 100 percent tuition reimbursement by maintaining a B average, Tim got all As during his online MHA program. Probably due to the fact his employer’s generosity relived him of any money worries. And, eventually, Tim’s employer benefited gaining a new mid-level executive with 12 years on-the-job experience at their company.

Get New Friends
Most adults attempting to place into the mix the time needed to pursue a Master’s Degree in Health Administration find it impossible ever to relax with friends going out to eat or taking in a movie. Angel enrolled in an online program while working as a supervisor in her hospital’s admissions office. Much to her surprise, Angel participated in high-tech Internet based communication solutions that gave her access to two-way communication. She got to know others in the class who formed online study groups that eventually turned into lifelong friendships. Many of her classes incorporated online chat rooms as well as group discussion study projects where students helped each other and ultimately got to know one another. Angel was worried she wouldn’t have the skills to be completely successful without additional help – which she not only found with her online study group, but also extended helping others pitching in areas where she had already developed strengths. She managed through taking courses through today’s high technology to mix that bit of social interaction with study time making the entire experience quite enjoyable.

Ultimately, there are many opportunities that may be disguised as obstacles, but through participating in an accredited online course of study these challenges can easily be overcome.