Becoming a Health Information Manager

Managing health information remains a key practice in all healthcare facilities. The Health Information Managers, who are trained in this job, keep a record of patient’s medical history, which includes symptoms, diagnosis reports, results of examination, X-rays reports and laboratory tests that help the Physicians perform their task without any hassles. They record all information electronically in healthcare information systems.

The Health Information Managers ensure quality, accuracy, accessibility and security of all health information and to maintain appropriate disclosure in both hard copies and electronic systems. They also analyze and categorize patient information for quality reporting and improve the decision making process. Those information play a key role in insurance reimbursement purposes, databases and registries.

The Health Information Managers usually work in hospitals, medical facilities, research laboratories and clinical settings. They may have to manage the entire facility, including the administrative departments. So, they must be proficient in all areas related to healthcare administration.

Education Requirements: A Bachelor’s Degree in Health Information Management is the first step towards becoming a Health Information Manager. Coursework in Statistics, electronic health records management and health information services are very much important for the aspiring Health Information Managers. In addition, they must gain knowledge about legal and ethical issues in medicine, privacy and security of health data, financial management and quality management.

After completing Bachelor’s Degree in Health Information Management, they can go for a Master’s Degree to advance their career. The topics may include statistics, financial management, medical terminology and legal coursework.

Salary & Job Outlook: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for Health Information Managers remain bright and may grow at 21% during the period of 2010-2020. The average salary of these professionals remains $58,000 per year. People with good experience and expertise may earn up to $84,000 per year.