Becoming a Clinical Research Assistant

Clinical Research Assistants take the lead in assisting in scientific studies by identifying subjects or clinical trials, collecting data and evaluating the results. They work at hospitals, laboratories and various research institutions. As long as there are clinical trials, there will always be a need for Clinical Research Assistants. This is a never-ending process. So, role of these professionals become very crucial in healthcare research.

Education Requirements:

1. Qualification: A Bachelor of Science degree in Life Science/Social Science is required for this position. Biology, Biotechnology, and Psychology among the key majors, which can picked up by the aspirant Clinical Research Assistants.

2. Job Experience: Most Clinical Research Assistants may be required to have some experience working in clinical trials. They must be aware of all clinical procedure and should possess extensive knowledge regarding the research subject. They also need to gain experience on the technology in the trial.

Other Opportunities: As the clinical research remains vast and extensive, the Clinical Research Assistants may also consider becoming a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). The CRA is like a Team Leader, who monitors and oversees the work of Clinical Research Assistants and ensures that clinical trials are run properly. Several colleges offer online CRA training programs.

Salary & Job Outlook: According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for Clinical Research Assistants remains excellent and may rise by 22% during the period of 2012-22. The median salary of these professionals stands at $37,557 as of 2015.