15 Productivity Tools for MHA Students

After you’ve been admitted to your MHA program, you’re going to need to do a little “Back to School” shopping. Sure, you’ve got the brains and ambition- but nowadays, every good student also has powerful productivity tools to help him or her manage his time wisely.

Here are 15 great Web Tools for student success- and the best part, besides the fact that they are guaranteed to increase your productivity and time management, is that they’re absolutely free.

Top 15 MHA Student Aids:

Creativity Aids:

    1. Screentoaster – Capture videos of your computer screen. You can record screencasts, tutorials, online lectures and more.
    2. Twiddla – On-line whiteboard where you and your study buddies can share files, chat and brainstorm ideas through drawings and graphics.
    3. Lovely Charts – An online diagramming application that lets you create professional diagrams, flow charts, sitemaps, organization charts and more for your school projects.

Task and Time Management Aids:

    4. Ta-Da List – A simple online task tool that lets you make your own task lists and share your lists with others.
    5. Remember the Milk – Manage tasks with an online list, get e-mail/SMS/IM reminders, share tasks and access tasklists from your phone.
    6. Online Alarm Clock – Did you miss an important lecture because your phone or alarm clock didn’t wake you up like it was supposed to? The Online Alarm Clock will never let you oversleep again!
    7. Google Calendar – Google’s online calendar will organize your schedule, let you share your calendars with friends, access calendars from your mobile phone and send you event reminders via text or e-mail messages.

Note Taking Aids:

    8. Scribbly : Type notes during classes and send them to your E-mail by clicking a single button.
    9. Evernote – Evernote lets you save text, ink notes, clips of webpages and photos and save it all in one centralized, searchable place.

Document Organization and Sharing Aids:

    10. Google Docs – Google’s site for creating, sharing, editing and sharing documents online.

Student Budgeting Aids:

    12. Mint – A free online finance tool that helps you budget and manage your money online. It links to bank accounts, tracks finances and more.

Networking Aids

    15. LinkedIn – The most important professional networking site. Make friends and powerful alliances in this business networking site for future job opportunities and partnerships.