Don’t Get an MHA Degree – The Job is Filled

Listen, we do not want you joining our ranks by obtaining your own MHA degree. We have all the degrees that are necessary. Yes, he was talking to you – that skinny little redhead who is an RN working your little butt off for the last 10 years and now looking to get ahead. We don’t want you! Who do you think you are? Just because you are a caring and confident caregiver and are well admired by both your peers and supervisors doesn’t mean we would accept you into our ranks. What makes you think we would want someone as talented as you discovering a convenient way to obtain an MHA degree?

Studying Online Sucks

So you think you’re pretty smart, huh? You found an Internet-based school that offers an MHA degree course of study that fits your busy work schedule as well as your hectic family life. How do you know that taking this incredibly affordable and extremely easy to follow course is something that a smart person like you can ever hope to finish? Just because you can set a the convenience of your own home, at your own pace, doesn’t mean you will accomplish this task and wind up opening up the door to greater employment opportunities. Anyway, we already have our MHA degrees, so we are not going to be pulling for you. This is especially true for you, that hard-working manager who spent the last 12 years that the nursing home. So you think getting MHA degree is going to prepare you better for it ministration duties?

Don’t go After These Jobs
Just because there’s a lot of opportunity for graduates with an MHA degree to fill needed positions throughout the healthcare industry doesn’t mean someone like you with smarts and dedication is going to get ahead like we did. You see, we were interested in better employment opportunities and greater financial reward as well as personal satisfaction. We are not so sure that you don’t have the same qualifications, even though you’ve demonstrated to all your colleagues and your supervisors that you have the drive and ambition to possibly tackle the job. Sure, there are plenty of opportunities for a clinical nurse specialist, an epidemiologist, nurse-educator/midwife/practitioner, plus nurse, long-term or health services administrators. Obtaining these positions through completion of an MHA degree program is the result of a lot of dedication and hard work. You do not have that in your repertoire!

Let Go of the Mouse
Wait! What are you doing? Stop, do you hear? Let go of the mouse before you completely fill out the registration form to sign up for the online MHA course of study. If you complete this application form – and get accepted – you are going to change your life. You will be on your way to greater personal and professional satisfaction. You don’t want that, do you? It will be a tough going having to accept the admiration of all your family, friends and colleagues when you obtain your MHA degree and better your life.

Stay away. We have all the MHA grads we need.