MHA Sought by Medical Billing Companies

Did you realized an MHA degree is one of the most sought after by many businesses within the healthcare industry that do not deliver medical services – technically. These businesses offer invaluable services that help in many different areas including the delivery of financial, technological and informational services that most people using healthcare do not […]

MHA Degree Complements Nursing Careers

Although job prospects for registered nurses will continue to rise in the coming decade – the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an expected 23 percent growth for clinical nurse specialists at least predicted through 2016. The healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace as the world population grows older with people living longer due […]

What Can I do with a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration?

Successful individuals in the healthcare industry often find it is time to take their game to the next level. This obviously involves obtaining additional education which usually translates into greater responsibility. A veteran healthcare professional can take their can-do experience transforming this into a can teach or can manage position. Doing so, an experienced professional […]

9 Fields of the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is predicted, by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, to be the industry to generate the most new jobs from now until 2016- a good sign for those of you considering going into healthcare administration. Before pursuing a college or advanced degree in healthcare administration, though, it’s smart to decide which part of […]