Career Spotlight

Becoming a Cardiovascular Ultrasound Technologist

Cardiovascular Ultrasound Technologists play a key role in diagnosing and treating the patients suffering from heart and blood vessel problems. They use ultrasound equipments at the direction of a supervising physician to create images of patients’ hearts and circulatory system to evaluate various aspects of cardiovascular difficulties. In some cases, these professionals assist physicians and […]

Becoming a Cardiorespiratory Therapist

Cardiorespiratory Therapists work under a Physician to provide therapy to patients having deficiencies and abnormalities in cardiopulmonary system. Their patients range from premature infants with undeveloped lungs to elderly patients with emphysema. Their responsibilities include conducting diagnostic tests, determining breathing disorders, providing appropriate therapeutic treatments, educating the patients on how to use oxygen, improve lung […]

Becoming a Cardiopulmonary Technician

Cardiopulmonary Technicians are dedicated to assist the physicians who treat people suffering from heart and lung problems. Their responsibilities include monitoring patients’ heart rates and vital signs before and during procedures, reporting relevant data to physicians, administering local anesthesia, and maintaining the required machinery equipments. In addition, they schedule appointments, maintain patient histories, attend phone […]

Becoming a Cardio Diagnostic Professional

Cardio Diagnostic Professionals play a key role during the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and other heart problems of the patients. They operate special imaging equipments to administer noninvasive tests like EKGs, ECG, ultrasounds and cardiac sonograms as well as prepare the patients for invasive procedures like cardiac catheterization. Their other responsibilities include cleaning, operating, and […]

Becoming a Cardiac Surgeon

Cardiac Surgeons specialize in the treatment of heart diseases and disorders of the cardiovascular system through operations. They perform coronary artery bypass surgery, aneurysm repair, heart transplants, valve replacements, widening clogged arteries and repairs of congenital heart conditions. In addition, they conduct operations on the lung and blood vessels in human body. They are also […]

Becoming a Cardiac Rehabilitation Technician

Cardiac Rehabilitation Technicians play a key role in rebuilding the strength of the heart and cardiovascular system of the people, who have suffered from a heart attack or other heart problems and even to ones who have had a heart surgery. Their responsibilities include developing and monitoring exercise program according to patient’s physical response, providing […]

Becoming a Cardiac Life Support Technician

Cardiac Life Support Technicians assist cardiac physicians in urgent treatment of cardiac arrest, stroke etc. and diagnosing patients with heart and blood vessel ailments. Their responsibilities include performing ultrasound procedures, operating diagnostic equipment, preparing patients for procedures, analyzing images, inserting catheters, evaluating patients’ progress report etc. In some cases, they also assist physicians and surgeons […]

Becoming a Cardiac Echo Technician

Cardiac Echo Technicians, also known as Echo-cardiographers or Cardiac sonographers, assist physicians in diagnosing and treating cardiac patients. They use non-invasive echocardiography testing equipment, such as ultrasound instruments in order to examine patients’ circulatory systems, including heart chambers, valves and blood vessels. They work closely with both physicians and patients to diagnose a variety of […]